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People Get Ready - Exile - iTunes

Exile Ends Theirs, Releases First New Music In Decades -


One of the more successful bands in country music history is doing it all over again. Exile, who topped the Hot Country Songs chart repeatedly in the 1980s, recently dropped an EP entitled "People Get Ready." It's their first new release in over two decades -- and the first since 1987 to feature J.P. Pennington, Les Taylor, Sonny LeMaire, Marlon Hargis and Steve Goetzman.

Goetzman talked with Billboard recently about the re-formation of the group, and said that it all come together because of the band helping out a friend in need.

"It was a strange set of circumstances. Our former tour manager had gotten hurt on a motorcycle, and Sonny LeMaire called everybody and said 'We need to go back home,' which is Lexington, KY to do a fund raiser to help him out. We raised about $40,000 that night. It was just wonderful," he said of the experience. Playing together live brought out some familiar magic, according to Goetzman. "What we had not counted on was how much fun we had on stage after all those years. We just looked at each other and said 'We've got to keep doing this."

As a listener, time has had no effect on the Exile sound. Tracks like "It's Gotta Be You" and "I Can't Be Your Fool" sound like they could be easily mixed in with hits like "Crazy For Your Love" and "She's A Miracle." Hearing that from listeners is music to Goetzman's ears. "When we got back together, so much time had passed that we didn't know what to expect. But, a good band should be more than the sum of the parts. We've always felt that there was some magic was there, and it was still there."

Check out the full article here: and purchase the EP People Get Ready on iTunes.

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