Trace and Exile

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People Get Ready - Exile - iTunes

Have been following y'all since the early 70's! I love all your music, seen the band live half a dozen times, would love to see you come to Kansas City again soon. Any chance you will ever release a video of the big reunion show? Keep on Picken and writing those hits.
I have loved you since the 70's. I saw that you will be coming to the Stagecoach Ballroom in Fort Worth, TX on 7/30; I will be there to see you.
Love you so much!
I, and all attending I am sure, thoroughly were impressed & enjoyed the tremendous performance by EXILE at Renfro Valley April 30, 2016. These extremely talented men deserve all the happiness that comes with success. Their joy was displayed for the audience to share, not only in the show, but afterwards as most EXILE members spent time with the folks laughing, smiling & signing autographs. Thanks EXILE for all your perseverance, awesome talent and being hometown boys from Kentucky who continue giving us many wonderful memories with your music!
It was so exciting to meet you backstage before the concert at the Red Bluff guys are so gracious and warm to your fans! Thanks for coming to our town and putting on such a wonderful show!
I just learned about Exile in 2016. I'm in love. Good to find some beautiful love lyrics put to music.
Fitting name good lyrics are certain in Exile lol
God Bless :)
It was so amazing to meet J.P. in a Wal-Mart in Lexington KY on March 31, 2016. Such a nice guy!! Thank you for being so down-to-earth. My mom, my daughter, and I were so happy.
I saw you at the Valley Dale Ballroom in Columbus OH 2-13-16 all I can say is Thank You for a fantastic evening! Every one had a great time plus I scored big time points when I presented an autographed pink Exile T-shirt to the Mrs for Valentines Day. Also JP don't forget to check out Wallace Station next time your in Lexington!
You guys were fantastic on the Country's Family Reunion/Larry's Country Diner cruise! What a pleasure to have you included this year! Hope you will be a part of it again in the future!
Saw you guys in Sandy, UT; really enjoyed hearing so many songs played the way you originally wrote them. Enjoyed you guys telling stories with a little banter.

See you in Ft. Worth and Rowlett. Bring your sunscreen!
I have loved your music for years! My favorite song has always been Kiss You All Over; especially the 1978 version with Jimmy Stokely. Your voices together was pure magic.
I noticed that you're coming to Fort Worth, Texas 7/30; I will be there to see you and cheer you on; I can't wait!
Love ya JP!


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