Trace and Exile

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Full Band Bio (Continued)

Opportunity is like water running down a roof; it will find a way in through the smallest openings. After years apart a common cause created reconnection. Former road manager Raymond Patrick had suffered a serious motorcycle accident. Unable to work he was drowning in medical bills. A lasting band reunion was not the first thought J.P. had when the urge to help an old friend out of a bind popped up. He observes, “It became apparent that the best way the five of us could help him was to stage a benefit show to raise funds for him.” Old friend and fellow musician, Doug Breeding donated his club, The Blue Moon, in Lexington. Solely by word of mouth the show sold out in one lucky week for the St. Patrick’s Day 2008 benefit.  

Another former tour manager, Clarence Spalding (who now manages Brooks & Dunn and Jason Aldean) jumped in to help as well. The evening was a stunning success. Between ticket sales and auctions, $20,000 was raised. Being the blue-through-and-through, Kentucky gentleman he is, Spalding wrote a check matching the gross. Nearly 23 years after having played the last note as a band they found themselves back in familiar positions. The unbounded excitement of a successful show enveloped by the like-we-never-left gathering of brothers & others made playing together again a must.  

Soaked in a shower from the Band Fountain of Youth the band talked openly about the previously unconsidered: A reunion. A few rehearsals, some more discussion and a few more months elapsed before they scheduled a show at Nashville showcase venue, 3rd & Lindsley. Nov 5, 2008 became the chosen night. Looking back Goetzman grins as he remembers, “It was an amazing night; one of those incredible ‘supposed to happen’ kind of nights. We had so many friends like members of Restless Heart, Diamond Rio and all the songwriters who showed up to cheer us on. We can’t tell you what that support meant to us.”

And now here they stand. Reinvigorated from the sabbatical; energized in making new music and reinforced by new appreciation of the good old days. They have learned a good bit along the way and the distilled wisdom tells them to not cast all their other interests aside as they embark on the new chapter.  

They have learned that the individual talents and interests offstage are intrinsic to the collaboration onstage. There’s therapeutic value in knowing once the Exile gig is finished tonight, each has other responsibilities to meet tomorrow. Those activities are as varied as the potpourri of personalities. Here on the website you can read more about what each member’s journey into, out of and back to the band. It’s their stories in their words. Please don’t leave until you check that out.  

The moral is the right combination is a group is the magic. Steven Van Zandt of Springsteen’s E-Street Band has been quoted as saying, “If you’ve got a band that works, it’s a miracle—hold on to it and don’t let it go.  

Exile’s story, wrapped in Little Steven’s insight, would constitute proof-positive that “the sum of the parts is, indeed, greater than the whole.”

In the end one could either say the band was always a group of guys on the way to the middle…of their career.  

Or, better yet, they’re back where they belong: In Exile.

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